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How did I end up doing UX, what makes me unique, and how do I put it all together as a designer? It involves an array of skills and experiences which mesh together and help make me stronger designer. Each involves understanding how to engage and interact with people - the core of UX Design.

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film strip

My path to design involves 10+ years prior experience in content development for film & tv. Before that, I was on the architecture path to design golf courses.


How is this a natural progression you say? Let me explain...


My view on golf course design was creating an experience taking a player (“the user”), on a journey through 18 holes (“the product”). My design intent was challenging but fair, with thought out, structured decisions. I understood how each sand trap, water hazard, or tree (“user obstacle”) provided a choice for how to proceed (“the user flow”).

golf course

In retrospect, that mindset and experience informs on two UX fronts. Understanding user goals (minimizing strokes/clicks ) helps structure information architecture. Seeing user impediments (water hazards /confusing interfaces ), helps guide them around those obstacles.


My entertainment experience is a bit closer aligned. Design is product storytelling for users. My content development was storytelling with a viewer as the end user. That path entailed material showing a unique point of view (creative goals) that also found an audience (business goals).

script page

If a new soapy, network drama was a product, what would that design process look like? The research may turn up a female demographic, who respond to interpersonal relationships with tension, but would prefer a unique hook. Good market and user research helps find the middle ground between unique and familiarity.


Introducing a new or unique element, requires problem solving. A plot twist is like a new function, and the user should understand why it’s there for the benefit of that journey. And unless you want them to find another product that serves them better, don’t frustrate or bore them.

choose a door

My UX thinking was apparent trying to make sure everything was understood by a potential audience. Testing the process with reads from fresh eyes helps identify previously missed weak spots. Solving story problems also meant understanding ramifications each decision made on a final product - from casting, to budget, to the potential audience. The goal was to bridge creative and business goals, to find an audience while feeling unique.

Personal Life

Being parent also bolsters these tools. It requires daily listening and learning, to make educated decisions about someone else’s experience.

introvert with hood

This unique path, along with putting myself in the shoes of users, is what makes me a strong UX team member. It all adds up to experience creating something that affects and entices people. Good UX is like good story and character development - it only improves the final product.

Music Playlist

I LOVE music and have an eclectic taste, from Rage Against The Machine to Miles Davis. Here's a playlist I created of some "must know" artists for my kids.


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